Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So who's the "Glamor Don't"?

I ushered my patient into a room thinking “I wish I could carry off high-heeled boots with such ease.

She, in turn, regarded me with curiosity as she eased into her seat. Adjusting her tiny skirt, she remarked “Well you’re not exactly styling today.”.

I waited for the ‘just kidding’ to follow, but, alas, it never did.


rlbates said...

I know how you feel. :)

purplesque said...

Found your blog through rlbates. Please keep on writing. :)

Jane Sherwin said...

Wonderful. Between this one and Paul Levy's most recent http://runningahospital.blogspot.com/ I'll be smiling the rest of the morning.

Helen said...

Wow! I wonder what's going through people's minds sometimes.

thecatsmeow said...

I don't go to a doctor for their fashion sense; I'd much rather they had awesome clinical skills and some compassion on the side. As long as (s)he isn't naked (which would be scary) and doesn't stink (which would be just inhumane), who cares? Sounds to me like she needed a smack upside the head.

the Muse, RN said...

Found you through the Medical Blog Awards...so glad I did! I read your stuff before I voted and that's a good thing... because you totally won me over.

Awesome and incredible literary (and doctoring) talent. Please, keep writing! (And doctoring.)

Adding you to 'the Peop's'.