Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cramping, Her Style

"Is there a doctor on board the plane?”

Huzzah, I've waited decades for that line.

The teenager behind me fainted, alarming her seatmate. Across an armrest and forty years, we chat as she recovers. She laughs as I call her period a ‘newspaper’ in Spanish, but, despite two languages, we both agree that cramps are a drag.


Cilicious said...

That's one part of being female that I do not miss.
I once unexpectedly got my period (a day or so early) at a tiny restaurant in a very small town in Greece. I got out my little phrasebook, found the Greek word for tampon, and shyly took it to the front desk--I was a bit relieved that it was a woman and her daughter there. They not only had what I needed, it was my brand! I'm pretty sure I mangled the Greek word for thank you, but am just as convinced they understood my gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute story. There you were, all ready to spring into action and be the hero of the day, and it was cramps. Nevertheless, I bet that poor girl saw you as her hero, doc. I love your can-do attitude.

I hope you and your family will have a wonderful Easter holiday. Enjoy the chocolate bunnies!

Toni Brayer, MD said...

This blog post is great.

I heard that line this weekend flying to Wash DC and 6 people rushed to a little lady who looked faint.

Were some doctors? Or nurses? Or med student wannabes? The response on the plane surprised me.

She was fine. The responders looked relieved.

I wasn't needed.

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Helen said...

Poor girl - I bet she was glad to have you there. Cramps certainly are a drag.

Ruth said...

I have been called to the school more than once because of a daughter incapacitated with cramps. Nasty curse for some women.

WordDoc said...

Thanks for all your comments. Cramps know no cultural bounds, do they?

superbitch said...

Have you ever checked out my blog? I'd LOVE it if you would write about me in 55 words or less. ;)

You have a talent.