Monday, January 11, 2010

One count against him

Phone message at two a.m.:  Quest Labs calling with “critical results”.  Oh no, Mr. G. has a white blood cell count over 100,000.


No point ruining his sleep.  Morning will come too soon enough.  Meanwhile, I’ll lie wide awake for both of us, thinking of this family man whose shortened life has changed forever.


Cilicious said...

I have sincere, deep appreciation (and not a little sympathy) for those hours when you lie awake.

Donna Masucci RN said...

reading the article about you done by Renee Loth in the opinion page in the globe as a nurse manager of my husband's pediatric practice (33 years located just north of Boston in a community with 30% of our practice welfare)I can relate to the responsibility and hard dedicated work you do never mind at what cost physically and financially. All I know is 7 years age we were in the same predicament with loads of pt vists but bills as well piling up. I encourage you to look into athenahealth a Practice Management Solution and EHR that has changed our life and now we have cashflow(getting our monies 3x's as fast and transparency into the broken system. You can look them up on the internet or contact me at 978-766-0603 or email We own our own practice but part of the Children's Hospital Boston PPOC. Best of Luck. Donna Masucci RN from the office of Peter E Masucci, MD Everett MA ( as you can see I have never blogged before but the article interested me). We have a dear friend Joe Martelle (top DJ in Boston for many years) that lives in Grand Junction CO