Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well...sort of okay 2

A hands on sort of doc, I’ve been known to personally tote samples for analysis from restroom to lab. One day, I teetered while toting, splashing the specimen on the front of my shirt.

“Oh well,” I shrugged. “Waste is a terrible thing to mind.”

My mantra that day? I’m okay with urine, I’m okay with urine.


Cal said...

If you say it enough times you will almost believe it!

ouzelum bird said...

Ran across this blog a few weeks ago and have been dipping my beak into its pithy goodness every few days since then. Really, really good stuff: Stories that matter, told with grace and the art of concision (the latter is very tough to pull off, and WordDoc does it seemingly without effort).

...So I just added my vote to the Medical Blog Awards page. The author has too much class to beat this drum again, but I have no class at all so I'll do it. You guys need to all go vote! Do it! Do it now! =)

Wida said...

a warrior must fight on, even when wounded in battle!

Toni Brayer, MD said...