Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reflux redux

Carol complained of acid reflux.  On the exam table that day, her abdomen rose like a nine month pregnancy...but she wasn’t.

“Am I in trouble doc?” she asked when she saw my face fall.

The gynecologist delivered a twenty pound ovarian tumor.  As promised to Carol, I scrubbed in and watched.

The path report was, thank heavens, benign!


Anonymous said...

This must be the hardest thing to deal with as a doctor -- and when the outcome is positive, the best, too.

Wishing you a warm and joyous holiday, WordDoc. May it be filled with laughter and much love. Merry Christmas!

WordDoc said...

Thanks Wren, I hope your quiet at-home holiday went well and that all your last-minute errands passed without a glitch. Best wishes for the coming year!

Cilicious said...

Indeed,I would think this situation must be such a challenge--but so wonderful if everything "comes out" okay. Happy Holidays, Doc.