Thursday, December 31, 2009

Whose headache is this?

Oy, Barbara B. is requesting more narcs. An on-line check confirms my fears--four different docs doling benzos and Percs.

In office, she’s misery embodied, waifish voice barely heard, partner stroking her arm.  Part drama, part pain, no knowing what’s what.

Five phone calls, the last one to Barb.  I’m no longer the problem, but what’s the solution?


Anonymous said...

Sounds almost like a patient who could do with a pain management specialist. Who better to be able to sort out medical need from abuse?

Sometimes, when we're undiagnosed and under-treated, on paper we look...hard to treat, hard to believe.

My life got better when my pain management was all sent to the specialist.


Doctor D said...

Wow, what state are you in that you can do a simple on-line check to find doctor-shopping? I wish I had access to that kind of data!

That is very good of you to be caring even in a situation when you cannot keep prescribing.