Monday, December 28, 2009

A window to her soul

Overweight, and diabetic, she shut me down with mono-syllables.

“Watching your diet?”



“No.”  This punctuated with a lift of the lip.

“Anything special for Christmas?”

“Why yes.” She shifted, eyes widened.  “I decorate my apartment, especially the window.”

She e-mailed a pic of the window dressing. Shimmering, bejeweled, it sparkled like her eyes at the end of our visit.


Doctor D said...

Excellent connection, WordDoc!

Sometimes patients need to know you care about what they care about before they will care about abstract things like diabetes that they don't yet realize matter.

Cilicious said...

Interesting how some people can only communicate non-verbally, but when they do, it is splendid.
Doc, these medical moments should be in a book.

Helen said...