Saturday, December 26, 2009

Time to pass it on!

Lillian works full-time in food prep, fingers and toes in arthritic twists.  Her face pale and drawn, feet afire with gout.

“You need a cane,” I urge. And so much more...

She gives an ‘as-if’ sort of shrug.

“Hold on a sec,” I advise.  Return post-haste with my mom’s walnut cane. Here, I conclude, is one worthy heir.


Helen said...

You are a kind doctor.

I'm glad you were there to nudge her along, and glad your Mom's cane will help someone new.

Anita Diamant said...

These entries are beautiful. 55 words is like a new poetic form.

so glad you wrote to me so I found you

Anonymous said...

What a kindness you did for Lillian! Her "as if" attitude showed a lot of bravery, but I bet she was glad to have that cane. Another lovely vignette, WordDoc. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The best practice of medicine is with kindness. Like this.


jeanmac said...

Very touching - Your Mom would be proud!